Project Description


  • Aluminium-silicon exchanger with glass wool insulation: high efficiency and reliability and long life
  • Low emissions pre-mixing burner
  • Digital control panel with back-lighted LCD display and advanced electronics to manage single and cascade installations (flue system to install up to 2 boilers in cascade)
  • Easy to transport and to install
  • Included outdoor sensor
  • Circulating pump not included inside the boiler

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic connections on the rear side
Sticking pump check system
Flow and return NTC sensors
Premixed low-emissions burner

Thermoregulation system

Built-in climatic regulation (outdoor sensor included)
Mixed zones systems (high and low temperatures) zone controllers as optional
Cascade system installation option (up to 16 boilers)
NTC sensor for DHW cylinder control option
Heating and DHW scheduler integrated in the control panel

Control system

Full electronic anti-frost device
Electronic thermometer
Flow over-temperature thermostat cascade installations

Technical data