Project Description

Product benefits:

  • Electronic heat consumption meter with M-BUS data reading
  • Compact dimensions
  • Bottom side hydraulic connections (except the models RH-MB, RPH-MB, RH1-MB, RHG1-MB, RPEH-MB, RC-MB, RCZ G1-MB, RST-MB)
  • By pass
  • 35 kW stainless steel plates exchanger (RSP-MB, RS2Z-MB models) or 40 kW (RST-MB)
  • 40 kW stainless steel plate exchanger to separate the apartment circuit from the building hydraulic risers (RP-SP-MB+2C)
  • Outdoor sensor option (R2Z-MB, RS2Z-MB, RA-MB, RA2Z-MB, RSP-MB, RPE-MB, RPEH-MB models)