Project Description


  • Compact dimensions (730x400x299 mm)
  • Digital control panel with LCD display
  • Brass hydraulic group with electric 3 way valve (Combi models)
  • DHW production through stainless steel plate exchanger

Hydraulic system

3 way diverter valve
Steel burner
Primary exchanger made of copper pipes protected with anticorrosion coating
Stainless steel DHW heat exchanger
Automatic by-pass
Low energy circulating pump with automatic air vent
System to prevent pump and diverter 3 way electric valve operating every 24 hours
Heating circuit relief valve set at 3 bar

Thermoregulation system

Two heating temperatures possible ranges: 30/85°C, 30/45°C
Built-in climatic regulation(outdoor sensor available as optional)

Control system

Overheat limit thermostat for the water/flue exchanger
Hydraulic pressure switch to prevent boiler’s operating in event of low water
Pressure switch to ensure safe discharge of flue products (fanned flue models)
Flue thermostat to ensure safe discharge of flue products (open flue models)
Electronic temperatures control by NTC sensors
Full anti-frost device
Electronic thermometer
Heating circuit pressure gauge

Technical data