Project Description


  • Digital control panel with back-lighted wide LCD display
  • Wide modulation ratio up to 1:7 better efficiency and noiseless operation
  • Compact dimensions (700x400x299 mm)
  • Gas Adaptive Control (GAC) system: combustion automatic control to maintain constantly the highest level of efficiency
  • Remote control Baxi Mago available as optional
  • Integration with solar system option
  • Ø50 mm flue pipe mod. 24 kW, 40 m max length
  • New upper cover available as optional that allows the outdoor installation
    (in partially protected locations) of the boiler

Hydraulic system

3 way electric diverter valve
(also heating only models)
Stainless steel premixing burner
Stainless steel water/flue heat exchanger
Stainless steel DHW exchanger
Modulating fan with electronic speed
adjusting system
Automatic by-pass
Single speed low energy pump of the heating
circuit with built-in air vent
System to prevent pump and diverter valve
sticking operating every 24 hours
Heating circuit relief valve set at 3 bar


Thermoregulation system

Built-in climatic regulation
(outdoor sensor available as optional)
Control of multi-zones system option


Control system

Overheat limit thermostat of the water/flue
exchanger Hydraulic pressure switch to prevent boiler
operating in event of low water
Safety NTC sensor against flues overheat Electronic
temperatures control by NTC sensors
Full anti-frost device
Electronic thermometer
Heating circuit pressure gauge

Technical data