Project Description


  • Only electric integration models ideal for new buildings
  • Inverter air-to-water split heat pump
  • Remote digital control panel with back-lighted colored LCD display
  • 150 litres stainless steel DHW tank with graphite insulation and enhanced coil
  • Automatic filling system
  • High efficiency circulating pump with wide modulation ratio
  • Set for low and medium temperature systems
  • Minimum working temperature -15°C*
  • 45 litres DHW tank with graphitic insulation Acqua Più: up to 200 litres of DHW capacity (mod. CSI IN Split E 200 WI-FI**)
  • Solar circulating group and 15 litres solar expansion vessel (optional)
  • WI-FI ready (if the option is available in your country)


Technical data