Gas condensing boiler

  • Power 32
  • Luna3 Comfort HT Solar
  • Nuvola Duo-tec
  • Luna Duo-tec+
  • Luna Duo-tec
  • Duo-Tec Compact+
  • Nuvola Platinum
  • Luna Platinum
  • Luna Duo-tec IN+
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Gas Wall Hung Boilers

  • Luna3 Comfort
  • Luna3 Silver Space
  • Luna3 Comfort Air
  • Luna3 Comfort Max
  • Luna3 Blue
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Other Product – Phased Out documentation

  • Acquaprojet
  • R5 – V5 – O5
  • UB DC – UB SC
  • UBSS
  • SVB 26
  • SVB HP
  • BPI-Eco
  • PCIB-i
  • Moonlight – Multi Split R32
  • Moonlight – Mono Split R32
  • CSI IN Idro H WI-FI
  • CSI IN Split H WI-FI
  • SB 21+ SLIM
  • Baxi Dream – Mono Split R32
other  Discontinued products

Phased Out documentation

SLIM_PN__IPV_(ED.2-11-11 — IT/ES)
SLIM_C_490_I_(ED.2-11-11 – IT/GB)
COPPER_280_3_STELLE_(ED.2-11-11 -IT/ES)
ECO2000_BMBC (ED.2-06-14 – IT/ES)
ECO2000_BMBC_(ED.2-06-14 – IT/ES)
ECO2000_RANGE_(ED.2-06-14 – HU/RO/PL/CZ/RU)
ECO2000_BMBC_(ED.2-06-14 – IT/ES)
LUNA_2000BMBC_(ED.2-06-14 – IT/ES)
COPPER_28_FI_921.850.1 (IT-ES)
ECO_180FI_-_CL_922.998.1 (IT-EN)
ECO_20FP_920.940.1 (IT-ES)
ECO_20I_920.939.2 (IT-ES)
ECO_20P_920.938.1 (IT-ES)
ECO_240_FI_921.822.1 (EN)
ECO_240_FI_922.283.2 (DE)
ECO_240I_-_240FI_-_1.240_FI_921.565.3 (IT-ES)
ECO_240I_-_280I_-_240FI_-_280FI_-_1.240FI_923.295.2 (IT-ES)
GALAXY_FI_911.587.1 (IT-ES)
LUNA_1.20_-_1.24_FI_920.891.2 (IT-ES)
LUNA_1.20_FI_920.823.2 (EN)
LUNA_1.20P_920.893.1 (IT-ES)
LUNA_1.28_FI_921.379.3 (DE-EN)
LUNA_1.310-MV (IT-EN)
LUNA_20_-_24_I_921.541.1 (IT-ES)
LUNA_20_-_24FI_920.892.2 (IT-ES)
LUNA_20_FP_920.911.1 (IT-ES)
LUNA_20P_920.895.1 (IT-ES)
LUNA_23FF_-_28_FF_921.235 (FR)
LUNA_23I_24I_920.897 (IT-ES)
LUNA_240_-_280_-_310_921.564 (IT-ES)
LUNA_240_-_280_-_310_923.592 (EN)
LUNA_240_FI_-_310_FI_921.826 (EN)
LUNA_BLUE_18I__921.244 (DE-IT)
LUNA_BLUE_23FI_921.939 (DE-IT)
LUNA_BLUE_23I_921.944 (DE-IT)
LUNA_IN_20-24_FI_920.926.4 (IT)
LUNA_MAX_20_-_24_FI (IT-DE)
LUNA_MAX_23FF_-_28_FF_921.340.3 (FR)
LUNA_PLUS_24_FI_920.917.2 (IT)
LUNA_PREMIX_1.23_920.760.1 (DE-IT)
LUNA_PREMIX_23_920.762.1 (DE-IT)
NUVOLA_21I_-_24I_921.439.2 (IT-ES)
NUVOLA_240_-_280_922.346.2 (IT-ES)
NUVOLA_24_FI_921.446.2 (IT-ES)

2000 Discontinued Boilers