Nobody could doubt that the story of Baxi SpA, a Vicenza-based company, is a successful one. The ability to adapt and the love for innovation have been the main pillars of a company that has been able to overcome small and large obstacles, entering homes and businesses in over 50 countries with the best solutions for the environmental comfort. A model company whose work and history deserve to be told. Hence the decision to rely on the well-known production company Haibun to create a corporate video that talks about roots, present, future and, above all, passion.

Funded as enamelling industry in 1925, today Baxi is a modern and innovative company that, producing up to 4000 boilers per day in the largest European industrial site, plays a leading role in the heating and air conditioning sector. An excellence able to anticipate market needs introducing, for example, back in 2010 hybrid systems combining condensing boiler and heat pump technologies and, most recently, the first residential pre-mixed hydrogen-powered boiler.

Its success has always been based on the same innovative drive. A revolutionary inspiration that was breathable from the early days, when, in the enamelling industry, even the simplest and most humble objects of everyday life (pots, jugs, basins and other crockery) were sheathed in beauty.

The year was 1977, when Baxi began to produce residential boilers. In just three years its Made in Italy product was brought around the world. Baxi’s future started from this visionary intuition, when innovation was produced even before air conditioning systems and when acquired skills met future ideas. That’s how this successful story began.

Over the years, another fundamental aspect of Baxi’s DNA becomes increasingly evident: its green soul, essential guideline of its growth path. 2010 saw the idea of combining wall-hung boiler technology with heat pump technology and solar energy: a hybrid, intelligent, high-performance system which has less impact on the environment and reduces consumption. From 2018, 3.600 solar panels, placed on the rooftop of the plant based in Bassano del Grappa, are producing the 25% of the annual need for electricity and the 100% for boilers production.

Today Baxi conceives every product from a worldwide perspective: with over 10 million boilers produced since 1977, Baxi is able to provide solutions up to 650 kW of power, supporting professionals worldwide with system and service efficiency.

“Today we are committed to sustainability, the zero impact. For this reason, we created a cutting-edge technology to heat water without threatening the environment” states Alberto Favero, Baxi Managing Director, referring to the latest great evolution of Baxi: H2, the hydrogen boiler able to heat water with no consequences for the environment. H2 is the result of years of research, a product projected into the future, with zero polluting emissions and greenhouse gases. It is a tribute to the younger generations who deserve a livable, clean and healthy world. The culmination of a process that for Baxi represents a new beginning. A new way to influence, be appreciated and continue a great tradition of innovation.

A hymn to creativity, to the desire to improve, to the enthusiasm and seriousness that made Baxi the solid and modern company it is today: a video is available on all corporate web channels.

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