Baxi, forefront in the heating sector, in this section presents all those info that concern itself

Baxi Italy

BAXI, active company in the designing and production of high tech heating systems and boilers, thinks that future depends on the constant development of cutting edge products.

BAXI ITALY, one of the leaders of the heating sector in Europe, has a proud tradition in developing and producing boilers and heating systems to the highest technological standards. For over 40 years BAXI ITALY has provided a wide range of cutting-edge solutions, anticipating market evolutions with particular attention to customer needs.

BAXI S.p.A. – Part of BDR Thermea Group BV
Registered address: Via Trozzetti, 20 – 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Phone number: +39 0424 517111

Nominal capital € 40.000.000,00 i.v. Rea Vicenza n° 271706 – Fiscal Code and Company registered in Vicenza 12589530158 VAT registration number: 02727440246

A bit of history

Augusto and Adolfo Westen in 1924 established the Smalteria and Metallurgica Veneta with a starting capital of 3.000.000 liras. Smalteria and Metallurgica Veneta borned due to the development needs of Bassano del Grappa area (socially and economically destroyed during the first world war) and Westen family capital availability.

Baxi Italy is a company that dates its roots back in 1925 when the German family Westen established Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete plant, one of the biggest plant for the production of enamelled products as electric water-heaters, bathtubs and steel radiators. By the end of the 70’s, the company focused its production on heating sector becoming one of the first plants to introduce gas domestic products with the production of wall-hung boilers at the same time with gas network development. By mid 80’s, the company keep performing brilliant results consolidating its presence on the domestic area; then the expansion toward foreign markets started. In 1999 entered the BAXI GROUP, European leader in heating sector. In 2009 De Dietrich Remeha Group and Baxi Group announce the creation of BDR Thermea.



Enamelled cutleries, steel radiators, bathtubs. Westen family establishes Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete plant in Bassano del Grappa. From 1925 to 1950 the production consists in enamelled cutleries, steel radiators and tubs


Cooking surfaces and gas kitchens. Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete wides their products range with cooking surfaces and gas kitchens.

Electric water heaters

In 1965 there is a production area enlargement that reaches 54.000 sqm. In these years starts the production of electric water heaters.


In 1977 Zanussi acquires Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete and the plant becomes Zanussi Group productive centre for heating and sanitary products: boilers, electric water heaters, steel radiators and tubs.

Ocean Idroclima

Takes over Bassano del Grappa plant from Zanussi and starts exporting worldwide.


In february 1999 Baxi Group Ltd took over Ocean Idroclima. The synthesis between experience and technological research gives born to Luna: Baxi new range of wall-hung boilers.


Continuous product evolution and ability in satisfying customers needs, have permitted Baxi to become un of the leaders in heating sector. In 2002 there is the range completion thanks to the launch of new high tech models as Luna Silver Space (for partially protected spots), Luna HT (condensing) and Nuvola (storage boiler)


Caring the environment, safety and energetical saving, Baxi has developed new condensing products widening the HT boilers range: Nuvola (storage boiler), Luna HT Combi (with an 80 l. boiler), Luna HT Residential (up to 100kW) and Luna IN HT (built-in)


Revolutionises the world of comfort! Besides reaching high performances and high energetic efficiencies, Comfort range is provided with an innovative remote control that allows an easy interaction and boiler’s programming. Third generation technology: it has never been so easy.

BDR Thermea Group

In 2009 Baxi joins the BDR Thermea Group. The headquarter is based in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.
Thanks to the collaboration with the new partners, Baxi enlarged its product range adding new heating systems and focusing on renewable energy.

Thinking boilers and Hybrid Systems

“Thinking Boilers” production starts in 2010 with Luna Platinum cutting-edge control Interface. Baxi has developed for Platinum+ boilers an innovative removable control panel with modulating chrono-thermostat functions. In addition, Baxi opens up the market of the Hybrid System, a new heating and cooling system that integrates the energy produced by the gas boiler with renewable energy.


Baxi develops the GAC (Gas Adaptive Control) system. The new electronics together with the new gas valve ensure the maximum efficiency of Baxi boilers thanks to the automatic control of the combustion.

Baxi Mago

Baxi Mago is the smart room thermostat that simplifies users’ life. Thanks to it the home comfort can be easily controlled via smartphone and tablet.


In more than 70 countries worldwide Baxi is present with the same message: wherever there is a comfort and heating demand, Baxi has the solution

BAXI has always the right solution because it offers

Fundamental element in relation with customer, BAXI emphasises customers’ needs by listening and trying to satisfy their comfort need

With the wide products range, Baxi quickly reacts to market demands with the right heating solution

Taking advantage of qualified engineers exclusively dedicated to R&D activities, Baxi’s products distinguish for high technological value, maximum performances and reliability

BAXI is one of the most evolved and cutting edge companies thanks to its continuous attention toward the environment and energetic saving, it is always searching solutions that can concretely improve one of the most important human aspect, its wellbeing

Quality, Environment and Safety

BAXI recognises as its strategic objectives:
– the environment safeguard
– the health and safety of its employees
– the safety, reliability and quality of its products

The company, though its structure, is constantly busy in the implementation and improvement of these aspects in favour of its customers satisfaction

About BDR Thermea

BDR Thermea is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative heating and hot water systems and services, operating in a market worth over €16 billion of annual sales.

To meet our customers’ ever-evolving expectations, we develop innovative products and services that save energy and cut carbon emissions. Our connected and integrated technologies enable the global shift towards fully sustainable energy carriers. Serving customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, BDR Thermea Group is a global player with market-leading brands. Our portfolio includes renowned names such as Baxi, De Dietrich, Remeha, Brötje, Chappée and Baymak. With a strong local presence, our brands are always close to our customers. We employ 6,200 people across the globe. Our head office is in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Our world is changing quickly and radically. The planet’s future is at stake. As the world shifts from fossil to sustainable energy sources, BDR Thermea Group is helping cut carbon emissions. We develop smart products and services that save energy and make people’s lives easier. Our heating technologies bring a zero-carbon future closer. We apply sustainable principles every step of the way – from sourcing materials for the manufacture of our products to installing systems for everyday use. Our aim is to provide innovative, affordable products that have a low environmental impact. We work to create a sustainable supply chain, maximize our positive contributions to communities and customers, and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We create practical, efficient and reliable solutions that work for all our customers. Our products are often applied in combination. That’s why we develop complete systems that fit seamlessly together. Product connectivity and the Internet of Things are opening doors to new services and customer experiences. We train thousands of installers every year in the latest technological advances. Saving energy and making people’s lives easier is at the heart of our product design. From high-efficiency combi-boilers to innovative heat pump technology and connected services, we’ve got a solution that’s right for you.