February 20, 2012 the company BAXI S.p.A. celebrated its 10th anniversary on the Russian market. Founded in 1925 in Italy, today the company BAXI SpA is the  leader in the Russian heating and water heating market

On the Russian market, the company is developing quite successfully – BAXI S.p.A. is expanding dealer network, opening the technical and service centers, increasing range of heating and water heating equipment. For ten years on the Russian market BAXI’s products gained a reputation of high quality heating equipment, which is user-friendly and reliable in operation.

Today BAXI in Russia – is the central office in Moscow in which works about  40 employees including sales regional representatives for all major cities in Russia.
In the period from 2002 to 2011 in Russia were supplied more than 500.000 gas boiler  BAXI and further  500.000 water heaters
According to independent market research agencies ,  BAXI S.p.A. is the leader in Russian  in sales of gas wall hang  boilers  in the last  2006 to 2011
The official beginning of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the BAXI SpA was during the exhibition «AQUA-THERM 2012».
On the site http://www.baxi.ru/ was also created a special section devoted to «BAXI 10 years in Russia», in which all the information on this remarkable event is hold.